Natural Gas Drilling

Topics: Red blood cell, Natural gas, Petroleum Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Cons of Natural Gas Drilling

Gas drilling has had the most impact on Pennsylvania ever since it was discovered. Whether or not it would have a direct impact on the environment is the question everyone has. Or “is it too good to be true?” obviously there are flaws in the idea of natural gas drilling and I am going to point these out whether or not you see the obvious issues on the matter is for you too judge for one’s self. My final question to you is how many people really going to make a huge profit on the natural gas?

The environment was the first thoughts in mind when gas drilling was brought upon are beautiful state the fact that it could cause “water contamination”, “explosions/wildfires”. Water contamination is a major issue because life is circled around water it is a necessity for all living things. And the problem happens “When natural gas drilling occurs, the hydraulics on the machinery has the chance of leaking dangerous chemicals into the water.  These chemicals can not only harm the water human’s end up drinking, but also animals.” Not only will we drink the chemicals we will also be eating them because the animals will be consuming the same water we are! The chemicals cause cancer not only from the leaching in the water but poisons gas is being released into the fresh air in which we breathe.

There are major health effects when it comes down to natural gas drilling. All of these can be devastating to the people who live in the area as them even if they take protective matters you will still be affected no matter what. Your body rejects the chemicals used in hydraulic fracking. Symptoms of your body being affected are similar to allergies which makes it hard to diagnose. How this happens is a chemical 2-BE is released into the water it has no color or odder and it can actually dissolve red blood cells and starts to dissolve the fat in the cell membrane.

More regulation is needed and I do believe there are solutions to these problems...
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