Natural and Human Crisis

Topics: Causality, Tsunami, Disaster Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: June 19, 2013
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It’s a normal day and you are driving to work the clouds start turning grey. You’re shopping with your friends and the ground starts shaking. You were on a vacation till you see guns all around you. A crisis can happen any day, anytime, anywhere. A crisis is something that affects you in some type of way. There are two types of crisis Human crisis and Natural crisis. A human crisis is a crisis caused by humans. A natural crisis is a crisis which humans have no control on it is caused by a natural environmental problem. Firstly I will talk about Natural crisis. There are many types of natural crisis like earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, floods and hurricanes. Most of these have an unknown source but they still affect us. The may kill, steal your family members, ruin your homes and take away all the memories you have had. Earthquakes, earthquakes are caused by tectonic plates colliding and crashing. Some places in the world experience this a lot but not all places. Earthquakes cause frequent shaking of the earth causing splits and damage to the place they may also cause other natural disasters. Earthquakes are the most common disaster. Tsunami is a Japanese word meaning harbour wave. A tsunami is a series of large waves caused by a disturbance in the ocean. New Zealand is surrounded by water so there is a heavy risk of tsunamis in New Zealand. Human crisis are caused by us humans. If were not safe already by natural crisis why would we want to make mistakes to put our and other lives in danger. Human crisis involve things like famines, terrorism, fires, riots and wars. I am going to talk about two major disasters the London smog and Chernobyl. The London smog was caused by severe air pollutioning it occurred in December 1952. There wear endless periods of windless conditions and the air was polluted with smoke from coal burning. There was a lot of whether changes then a cloud of smog appeared on the city. 4,000 people had died and 100,000...
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