Native Americans Conflict with the English Settlers

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, United States, Indigenous peoples of the Americas Pages: 2 (598 words) Published: October 19, 2010
When the English settlers came to North America, the Indians, at first, welcomed them with open arms. The settlers arrived with goods that were very helpful to them, which could be the reason they embraced the Englishman the way they did. Some of the goods consisted of guns, woven cloth, fishhooks, and axes. There were also things like colorful glass beads that really intrigued the Indians to the point where they started to use them in their own religious ceremonies. There was a big unknown factor with the new English settlers who came to North America. The Indians did not know what to expect from the newcomers. All they knew was that the Englishman had a large amount of goods that they had never seen before. The Native Americans later on thought that they had mastered the art of trading. Unfortunately there was no one there to teach them what a fair trade was and what we call a “rip-off.” The Indians would trade valuable things such as animal skins and fur, for worthless European statues and knick-knacks that were in short supply in there society. They did not have any clue about value so they thought there trades were very smart. So much would change so fast that this would become one of the biggest crisis in history for the Native Americans. The new Settlers and Native Americans did not stay very friendly for long. There was one main thing that the newcomers were interested in and that was land. All they wanted was for the Indians to leave and let them get the land they felt was rightfully theirs. The Settlers felt that they were much more superior than the Natives were. They had no respect for the Indians which resulted in a lot of violence, with casualties that could have easily been avoided. Although almost everyone was all about getting land, there were people that wanted to keep the peace by declaring certain areas of Indian land off limits. This would have been a good idea but it was hardly enforced and was ultimately proved ineffective. The Englishman...
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