Native American Astrology Hidden Meaning

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Native American Astrology

The Animal Signs

The Otter
Jan 20 - Feb 18-
If you're an otter, then you're a little bit quirky. It's hard to figure you out sometimes. You are often perceived as unconventional. You always think outside of the box and your methods are most often effective. You have a vivid imagination and great intelligence which keeps you a step ahead of others often. You are very perceptive and intuitive. You make a great friend and are very attentive to those you care about. You are sensitive, sympathetic, courageous and honest. However, left to your own devices you can be lewd, rebellious and/or isolated. The otter is most compatible with the Raven/Crow, the Falcon and the Deer.

The Wolf
Feb 19 - Mar 20-
If you're a wolf, like me, then you're probably very emotional and extremely passionate. The wolf is considered the lover in North American Indian astrology. You understand that all we need is love and you fully live by that, providing love to those you care about and those who need it most. You tend to be very independent despite your emotional needs. You need your freedom but you're still gentle and compassionate. You are generous and affectionate, but on the flip side, you have the ability to become impractical, obsessive and/or vindictive. The wolf is most compatible with the Woodpecker, the Bear, and the Snake.

The Falcon
Mar 21 - April 19-
If you're a Falcon, then you're possibly a natural born leader. You tend to have clear judgment in complicated situations. You never waste time and always do what must be done. You're persistent and often take the initiative to go the extra mile. The Falcon can be conceited at times, but considering they're often right, a little arrogance is understandable. You have the ability to be very passionate in your relationships, and you're always compassionate. On the other hand, you can be vain, rude, intolerant, impatient and/or over-sensitive. The Falcon if most compatible with the Owl and...
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