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The idea of nationalism is a new and complex phenomenon. It is difficult to gain an exact definition was what and how nationalism came to be, however there are popular ideas and theories. Two of the main approaches to understanding nationalism is through Anthony Smiths idea of primordialist and Benedict Anderson's constructivist approach. The primordialist approach explained by Smith is the idea that nations are natural phenomenon which are that have been around since the beginning of creation. The constructivist approach which Anderson describes is the idea that nations are made up by the members in them. Anderson defines nationalism as “an imagined political monnunity and imaged as both inherenly limited and sovereign” (Anderson, 5-7). However both ideas believe that there regardless of approaches both share the idea that people within nations share a strong bond and kinship with each other because they share a national identity in some way. Often times people creat their own nation identities bases on factors such as religion or territory, which leads to the way their ideas and places shape nationalism.

India has often been described as one state with two different nations trapped within it. There is a Hindu India and a Muslim India, both constantly clashing with one another due to lifestyle differences. The constant blood shed caused poet Muhammad Iqbal to derive the idea of a seperate “North-West India Muslim state”(Iqbal, speech Dec 3rd). This separate state, which would be Pakistan, Iqbal urged in his speech would be the only plausible solution to stop the violence between Hindu Nationalist and Mulsim, and would gain equality for Muslims in a land that was there can have equality. Iqbal creats an argument based off the idea that Islam was immemorial and natural therefor was an identity. “Islam itself is a destiny and will not suffer a Destiny” (Iqbal). This statement demonstrates that Islam has a fate of its own that has been and will be...
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