National Integration

Topics: Language, Babri Mosque, Mosque Pages: 1 (392 words) Published: August 13, 2011
National integration:-ours is a nation of unity in diversity.India stands as a myriad example of unity of culture,religion,languages regions,different festivals,dress styles,outlooks and co lour.we have been able to preserve this unity in all odds.Communal harmony is the Hall mark of our sustenance our great strength to maintain this harmoney comes from the mentorship of Mahatama Gandhi who passed every acid test to stand by his principle of oneness of India.He believed that the people with different religious background can prove as a great asset to this nation. Presently India faces many challenges internally and externally.The internal challenges that could be fatal to national itegration and communal harmoney are communalism,regionalism and languism.The roits after independence that created havoc in minority circles has been treated as a great setback to national integration.Recently we have witnessed Babri Masjid demolition,Ghodra carnige,Gujrat roits and many other incidents of same nature that have given lead to the people who keep an eye to destablise the fabric of communal harmoney of this great country.We have to keep a vigil on vested interests who dont like to see India prosperous. On the other hand the seed of separation is emerging in most parts of the country.This has given impetus to regionalism.The evident reason of this challenge is that people feel alienated and ignored.Most of the peoples fundamental rights don't get fulfilled so indesperation they resort to make gangs and illegitimate unions and stress for separate regions.This trend should arrest the attention of the concerned polticians to handle the sensitive issues and address the problems of these ignored people at the earliest to check the desease of separation and regionalism. The most complex riddle of languism is another challenge and poses a serious threat to the national integration.we have as many languages as we have the states.The conflict between the south and north and heart...
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