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Topics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Earth, Radovan Karadžić Pages: 2 (728 words) Published: August 24, 2008
National Geographic and CNN: A better look at the world.

There is no other more diverse magazine or channel than National Geographic and CNN. For decades National Geographic has captured the world stories and its cultures bringing them to everyone who ever wondered about the world they live in. National Geographic is continuously demonstrating to the people of the world how diverse it really is. When reading or watching National Geographic, anyone can now open their mind and expose it the world of diversity that lies within its pages or its shows. The brilliant photography and well scripts and stories will surprise a reader on what’s really out in the world. National Geographic does it all. It not only covers the fantastic wildlife in the world, but also the diverse people and their cultures that live in every spot of the world. There is not one single island or continent National Geographic has not visited to either photograph or to tell a story. It is amazing on just how diverse the subjects and people National Geographic and CNN brings to the reader and the watcher. With every event that happens in world, National Geographic and CNN are there to cover its affects on people. Human diversity is really expressed in National Geographic by covering the stories of people and their struggles in the world. From the genocide in Rwanda to the civil wars in the Congo Republic to the earthquake survivors in South America and China. National Geographic is the there to welcome any story about any type of people no matter their race, sex, disability, age, or religion. It covers the dilemmas and political struggles of the world by exposing the reactions of the people through their amazing photographs. National Geographic has focused on diversity. In order to publish their stories, they have turned to world to give it to them no matter what the cost. National Geographic has done reporting in an unbiased manner not using political influence to direct its...

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