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Natasha Exam
1. (TCOs 2, 3, 7, and 9) You currently work for a home improvement store. Your company continues to grow, and is considering expansion scenarios. The company currently has three locations (East, West, and Central) in one state, and wants to consider expanding within the same state. Your boss has presented you with the sales figures for the last three years for each of the locations. Based on this information, you have been tasked with analyzing current sales and providing recommendations.

You have reviewed the initial data and decided to compare the performance of the three stores to get a better idea of where expansion might be most beneficial. Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task. • A - (TCO 9) The data has been provided to you in one .csv file showing weekly sales for all three stores for the last three years. Explain the tasks you must complete in preparing the data for your analysis. • B - (TCO 2) Explain, based on material covered in this class, your approach to setting up your worksheet and organizing the data. Remember that you have only weekly sales totals for each store in the data. • C - (TCO 3) Explain how you will visually represent the comparison of the total annual sales at the individual stores for each of the three years. Describe methods to make your strongest performing store stand out. • D - (TCO 7) Once you have finished the above tasks, your Excel workbook will be placed on your company server so that all of the managers can view it. You know that they may have questions regarding your work, and want them to know that you created the workbook so that they can contact you. Describe how you will convey the information regarding worksheet creation

2. (TCOs 4, 6, 7 and 8) You own your own computer repair business. You maintain an Excel list of clients who have contacted you for repairs in the past two years and a referral list for potential customers. The list includes both physical mailing addresses and e-mail addresses for each person listed. You have a category code to show whether the contact is a client. If they have done business with you, they show a code of CUST for customer. If they are potential customers referred to you by existing customers, they are coded as PROS for prospect.

You want to grow your business, and feel the best way to do this is to put together an outreach program for recycling old computers for use in the local community center. You feel this would be a good way to reach new customers by introducing your company and outreach program. Respond fully to the following questions regarding this task:

• A - (TCO 4) You want to be able to separate your customers from your referrals. Explain how you would do this using Excel. • B - (TCO 8) You want to send a letter to each referral, but you don't want it to sound impersonal. Explain how you might achieve this using your Excel file. • C - (TCO 7) If you get the results you expect to get from contacting your referrals, you want to be able to do this every six months. Explain how you might use Excel to automate the process of separating your list as you did in Part A. • D - (TCO 6) You anticipate that your income will increase by 2% over the next two months for each 50 letters sent. You want to gauge the impact on your sales of mailing 50, 100, 150, and 200 letters. What Excel tools would you use to evaluate the possible outcome of mailing at each level? Explain.

3. (TCOs 1, 2, and 4) You currently volunteer at the local community center and have been asked to assist in the coordination of a fundraiser art show auction to benefit the center. You have been tasked with developing a spreadsheet to track the attendees and to calculate the associated cost. Each donor is allowed to bring one guest to the art show. There is capacity for 100 donors plus guest. The spreadsheet needs to be set up when the invitations are distributed so that you can begin recording the reservations as soon...
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