Narrative Report Seminar

Topics: Left-wing politics, Political spectrum, Laguna Pages: 5 (970 words) Published: July 15, 2015
Republic of the Philippines
Laguna State Polytechnic University
Siniloan(HOST) Campus
Siniloan, Laguna

“Seminar – Forum on Goal Setting, Self-Assessment, Spiritual and Moral Development for Better Career Opportunities Cum Job Fair 2015” All the students and faculties in LSPU Siniloan (HOST) Campus and even the Nagcarlan Campus were attended in a seminar-forum that helps a lot to be a competitive applicant in finding jobs and even the preparation for it. As early as 6:00 o’clock in the morning, participants were already at the LSPU Gymnasium for the registration. Mr. Gio and Mrs. Mercedita Alberto were the emcee of the said event. At exactly 8:45 am, the seminar was been started. Ms. Aljean, a 2nd yr. BSEd student, led the event in singing the national anthem. Then, prayers from different religions had been made. Mr. For-Ian Sandoval delivered the opening remarks, and before he left the stage, he gave them a phrase from Pope John Paul II which stated that” stupidity is a gift from God”. Mr. Michael Angelo Lobrin, a life coach, GMA host, and a teacher of philosophy and geology, was the first guest speaker of the seminar. 9:08 am when he was started to talk. He gave a lot of jokes to motivate the crowd. That’s why all of the audience were focused on what he was saying. But all of his jokes have a meaning that gave a great impact to everyone, like this statement for the girls:

He gave also a statement for boys:
“Pag-gumawa ka ng mali babalik sayo, pag hindi sayo, sa kapatid mong babae”. His topic became more interesting when he started to share his own life. The problems he was been encountered which helps him to be a successful person right now. He said, “sometimes you need to fail in order to be strong person and to get the success that everyone wants”. He used the failure he made as an inspiration to achieve his goal, because he wants to be a rich person to help his family and even other people who surround him. He believed, “Ang ipinanganak kang mahirap ay hindi mo kasalanan, pero ang mamatay kang mahirap ay iyong kasalanan. Kaya, kung kaya mo nang gawin ngayon, gawin muna”. Before he left the stage, he said that God has great plan for you. Don’t forget to pray, because all what we have is because God gave it to you. Mr. Eckhon Malig, was the second guest speaker. His topic was focused on the Visioning and Goal Setting. He said that you must have a strategic planning (Draw, See, Think, Plan) in order to achieve your goal easily. Make a plan, then do it and check what you’ve done, and lastly, act it. When it comes in making your mission or your assigned task, it must be SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound). Set a goal in order you to go on the right path, because it will serve as your compass in your chosen field. Before he left the stage, he encouraged the audience to watch the short videos that he was been provided in order to be a competitive one. The video gave the important things that everyone must have. Initiative, communication skills, and critical thinking are the things that an applicant must have in order to get the position or the job he/she is applying for. The I.T. Dance Troup gave an intermission number. After that, they announced that the audience can now eat their lunch before the next guest speaker started to discuss his topic. At exactly 1:00 o’clock in the afternoon when Mr. Rico Niño Emargole, the third speaker started. Most of the audience were very interested on the topic which focusing on the right way on how to prepare, how to make a competitive resume, how to face the interviewer and the right way on how to answer the question that they being asked. Also, he gave the right dress that the applicant must wear. He said: Also, he gave the differences between resume and curriculum vitae, and when they must use it. He said that the things that must only see on the resume are the things that you can do (abilities or skills), your contact number, email...
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