Narrative Engagement

Topics: Marriage, Family, Love Pages: 3 (808 words) Published: March 13, 2011
A Narrative Engagement
Hollis Rockwell
American Intercontinental University
English Composition 1
Shana Koh, PhD
February 20, 2011

Nichole and I met in August 2008 and instantly fell in love. I have been married twice before; however, this was a completely different kind of love. She and I were friends through and through and could talk about anything. After dating for a few months I believed she was the one for me. I began thinking of marriage right away, keeping my hopes and dreams silent in our relationship. The decision I was leaning toward was engagement, and I had a hefty amount of thinking to do before I “popped the question” so to speak.

After a brief introduction and short time dating, Nichole moved into my home with my two children and I. She also had a child from a previous relationship and we often referred to our situation as “his, hers, and ours” in terms of our children and possessions with a jest manner. When Nichole moved into my home, my children became much happier than they had been in previous years, and we were immediately inseparable. My daughter and Nichole would often do things together to establish a solid relationship, different from her previous step mother. Seeing the joy in my children’s faces when Nichole was in their presence was overwhelming at first and quickly resulted in an undying respect for this woman.

Days and weeks passed and our family became a solid unit and team. Nichole and I devoted time to ourselves while maintaining a healthy household with children and work; the thought crossed my mind that I would like to marry this woman. Nichole was everything I was looking for in a woman, and most importantly she respected herself and my children. I began weighing the options and the pros and cons of marriage; after all, this would be my third time down the aisle. Many individuals said it was too soon and that we would never last if married; however, I knew this simply wasn’t true.

When I began to compile my...
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