Brief History in the Life of Shawn a Stover

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The Story of My Past, Present, and Future

Shawn Adam Stover

ACB1302A/PSY 202

Professor Artis


I. What was your family like?
A. Dysfunctional family
B. Oldest of two children
C. Parents’ divorce and mother/father’s absence
II. Where are you from?
A. Grew up in various areas of Maryland
B. Spent a lot of time in Caribbean due to fathers business
III. What jobs have you had in your life?
A. Bus Boy
B. Fast-food worker
C. Electrician
D. Military
E. Law Enforcement
F. Lawn Care
G. Lube/ Auto Mechanic
IV. What are your greatest achievements so far?
A. Certified Scuba Diver for 16 years
B. Airborne Infantry - Paratrooper
V. What were your hobbies?
A. Scuba Diving
B. Off-Road Driving
C. Gaming
D. Shooting Ranges

My life has been a very interesting journey thus far, join me as I take you down the path and give you a brief insight on the life of Shawn Adam Stover.

What my family was like?
I come from a very dysfunctional family; I am the older of the two children that were produced by my parents. I have a younger sister named Nicole Marie Stover. We are the result of my father’s third marriage, the only offspring he is aware of. He has been married seven times to date, the latest one has been the longest lasting, their twentieth anniversary was a few days ago. He made it quite clear when he came in one morning with Carol, my now step-mother of twenty years, that he was going to make this one work no matter what it took. Well this included striking me out of the picture as I was a troubled young lad. But let’s go back to the beginning of my life, the beginning of this story. I was born Sunday November 09 of the year 1980 to George Adam Stover, III and Dawn Marie Stover (Adams) in the wonderful town of Baltimore that’s located in the state of Maryland at Saint Josephs Hospital. My father was a feature photographer for WMAR Channel 2, where I spent a good portion of my time at playing on the editing room floor and running amuck in the station. My mother was a department store worker. I was very young when my parents decided to get divorced and I do not recall what exact age I was but I do remember I was three when my grandfather passed away from colon cancer. Well anyhow after the divorce things got a little complicated, I was now torn between two houses weekly. I was mostly at my mother’s house do to my father’s work hours and obligations as the feature photographer; he was constantly on the move and had no time to look after his kids. The only issue was my mother was no better except her obligations were to low lives from the bar. Even as a young kid I can recall I took it very hard and it affected my performance in school, socialization, etc. I had parents but they were pretty nonexistent in my immediate life, as they had their own agendas. I was raised by my grandmother (father’s mother) and my Aunt Teresa and Uncle Jeff, which were my mother’s sister and her husband. Uncle Jeff was also my God Father.

Where I am from?
You already know but let’s take a closer look. When I was brought into this lovely world, my parents lived together in a nice house with a white picket fence, the whole perfect dream life. My father was a very successful motion photographer for Channel 2 and well my mother she was just along for the ride, she was the stay at home mom. I had a charming life, met my first best friend, Jason Valis and we were inseparable as we did everything together. I remember we use to knock on neighbors doors and ask if they had ghost problems, we were the Ghostbusters. We would go down in their basements and try to catch us a ghost or two. Neither something that I would never do now nor my kids will ever do, crazy how much the world changes in such a short time. I also recall us playing with GI Joe on the huge dirt mound, we had the HQ and everything related. Many memories were made in that neighborhood. After awhile things went south in the Stover household and my...

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