Narcissistic Phenomenon and Social Networking

Topics: Narcissism, Person, Tenure Pages: 3 (794 words) Published: January 24, 2013

The subject New Narcissism is a modern version of the phenomenon narcissism. This article has brought new narcissism to life/reality. According to the psychologists an enlargement number of people are more narcissistic than ever before. The phenomenon of Narcissus is a creation of the human beings, to hide from the real world or in the matter of fact the actual truth. By doing this it creates self-comfort for them without having to worry about what other people believe. The informal guy who has written this article “Sarfaz Manzoor”, demonstrate that new Narcissisms issues with nowadays individuals. As he states that Internet has a significant influence of these days society. He introduces us for an example by including a person named “Chris Crocker”. This person became prominent, because of an uploaded YouTube video-clip, where he expresses his thoughts about a celebrity, who is criticized. He defends her in an extraordinarily attention-seeking manner. He shared the recorded tape and nobody found him foolish, because he is a phenomenon of Narcissus, which is created by us ‘’the society’’. 2)

In the second text, the phenomenon narcissism is appearance as a menacing concept, which causes the young’s obligated themselves with Nobel supposition compared, to the reality, what they realize to achieve. Professor Jean Twenge of San Diego University, is convinced that nowadays juvenile have unrealistic and impractical ambition for their futures. Students become drastically more narcissistic. Twenge declare that this is a generation unapologetically focused on the individual, a true Generation Me. In the third text, President Jimmy Carter, who is a tenured faculty member, now at a university has stated that the youth attitude towards themselves has absolutely not any significant changes. The Psychological Science magazine backs this statement.

Some psychologist from the University of Western Ontario that measured 25.000 different persons...
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