Naoh Drain Cleaner

Topics: Sodium hydroxide, Electrolysis, Chemistry Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: April 8, 2006
Drain cleaner is a very simple substance that can work very effectively but also cause great damage to oneself. Drain cleaner is mostly made up of the strong base NaOH but also has other substances in it to efficiently clean a lodged pipe such as aluminum, sodium nitrate, and sodium chloride. All the homeowner ahs to do while using drain cleaner is to pour I down the clogged drain and maybe run some water, inside the pipe the chemicals go to work for you. But even though it sounds simple precaution must be taken in order to prevent injury to our body. NaOH must be produced correctly before it can be used in drain cleaner, a very caustic substance. The main ingredient in most drain cleaners is the very strong base, sodium hydroxide (NaOH.) Drano Crystal Clog Remover, for example uses approximately 60% sodium hydroxide, 5% aluminum, 25% sodium nitrate, and 10% sodium chloride. Sodium hydroxide is produced in the chloralkali process. The chloralkali process produces chlorine and hydrogen along with sodium hydroxide by putting an aqueous solution of sodium chloride through electrolysis. The NaOH must be kept from reacting with the chlorine. The cheapest and most effective in creating high quality sodium hydroxide is the membrane cell process. This uses a steel cathode with a Nafion membrane, a synthetic material made of polymers with ionic properties, to separate the cathode and anode reactions. The sodium hydroxide builds up at the cathode and the chlorine builds up at the anode.

To use drain cleaner is a very straightforward process. In the case of Drano Crystal Clog Remover you simply pour the dry crystals down the drain and let some cold water run down it. Although it is very easy there is an intense reaction occurring inside of your pipes. The cold water makes the aluminum react with the other substance to produce an intense heat that breaks down the most stubborn substance including grease, hair, and soap scum. The final cleanup is just a final...

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