Nanobots and Nanotechnology in the human body

Topics: Nanotechnology, Molecular nanotechnology, Cancer Pages: 3 (992 words) Published: October 1, 2013

Valerie W.
11th Grade, AP Psychology
Reaction Paper – HW #5

Nanotechnology and the use of Nanobots is an innovative, up and coming technology. When used in the human body it is acting as a major enhancement to the human immune system and modern day medicine. Many studies suggest the acceleration of the curing of widespread diseases such as AIDS, Malaria, Cancer, etc. This technology also makes it possible to easily transport blood and scientific testing samples without the lack of refrigeration becoming a problem. Knowing this, the use of nanotechnology will become a revolutionary tool for medicine and industry alike.

Nanotechnology is a newly studied technology that deals with the manipulation of matter at a scale from 1-100 nanometers, which is unimaginably small. Studies that cover this field of science show that this new technology had the capability of repairing defects and diseases in the body, such as, Malaria, HIV, numerous cancers, and many more. Nanotechnology also has the capability to make transporting blood and disease samples for testing way easier than it ever has been in the past. Making it possible for this to be one of the biggest inventions in medicine to date.

One benefit to nanotechnology is the ability to practice a better cancer treatment. The technology could monitor and control how the chemotherapy drugs are administered into the body, and assign them go exactly where they need to go be distributed. This is an alternative to standard radiation and chemotherapy cancer treatments, where not only the cancerous cells are treated, but the healthy cells around the affected area are treated too. “Each of these researchers relied on ultrasound bubbles, which consist of microscopic particles equipped with cancer-fighting drugs. At room temperature, the particles remain stable, but when exposed to body temperature, they join together to form larger particles. Using ultrasound waves, scientists can send signals to...

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