Nandos Successes and Failures

Topics: Brand management, Brand, Franchising Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: April 29, 2013
* Its success is due to its commitment to encouraging and developing the skills of its workforce. * 40% of management used to be cashiers or grillers.
* Communication and implementation of its core value systems is important. * “one part chicken; one part people”
* Combining the right people with a winning product has got Nando’s to where it is now.

Nando’s Vision:
“To keep exploring new territory.”
Nando’s justified its vision by keeping an underachieving store open. They franchised the store, and with the right people in charge, the underachieving store made a complete turnaround.

Advantage or Disadvantage:
* 30% company owned
* 65% franchisee owned
* 5% joint venture operations
Franchisees can become complacent and not treat the brand with the same dedication as the owners.

* Risky decisions are commonplace in Nando’s culture.
* Opportunities arise and Nando’s makes decisions to capitalize on them. * This is an ethos that forms the entrepreneurial lifeblood of the company.

* The risky decisions tend to make franchisees nervous, as some franchisees might not be risk takers by nature. This can be turned into an advantage, as Nando’s promotes open communication and transparency between the owners and franchisees.

* Everything at Nando’s is designed to support its people. Evidence that Nando’s is more than just a business for profit. * Franchisors transfer their beliefs and excitement about the brand to its franchisees. * Nando’s management lead by example – a good entrepreneur knows that this is essential. * Nando’s wants to attract people who share their core values, pride, passion, courage and integrity. They attract vibrant, adventurous people and strive to keep them. * Nando’s in SA is looking at moving into the fast-casual market in order to differentiate themselves. True entrepreneurs always strive to stay ahead of their competition,...
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