Naked Face

Topics: Paul Ekman, Facial expression, Facial Action Coding System Pages: 2 (1014 words) Published: October 23, 2014

Is some one really able to read your mind by the look on your face? In this essay, the Naked Face, Malcom Gladwell explains how some individuals are born with this gift and some are able to learn it. We center our story on howyou can read someone’s true emotions just by the looks on their faces. Malcom Gladwell uses personal experiences as well as facts to prove that these are not just lucky guesses, but long intricate thought processes. The Naked Face was published for The New Yorker in August 2002. It has also been added to Gladwell’s own website. It was probably published with an audience in mind of psychology enthusiasts or college students studying psychology. However, anyone could benefit from this article. This could be written to convince someone that the face training given to our police, military, and FBI agents is just as important as let’s say, gun training. Gladwell begins by giving a first person account by John Yarbrough, a retired cop, from when he was working patrol for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. He shares how he was in a bad part of the neighborhood and on a routine stop he had a gun pulled on him and as he stared at this boy during their standoff, he just knew he wasn’t going to shoot him. He claims he did not feel any immediate danger. Now, most people in this situation would not have hesitated to pull their own trigger if they had a gun pointed at them. Why did John Yarbrough hesitate? Gladwell goes on to describe what kind of person John Yarbrough is. He talks about his home in Arizona being full of John Wayne and Dale Earnhardt. John’s parents were both doctors and his personality is very analytical. Gladwell describes how John will follow your movements with his eyes, study your every move, and listen very intently. John claims he saw something in that boy that night that caused him not to shoot. A team of psychologists would give a test where they would show a series of videos of people telling lies and the truth...
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