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Brilonja Troy
October 30, 2012
8th period;

Everyone on the world has made mistakes. The difference with each person is if you learn from you mistakes and the necessary changes to be a better person. You can make mistakes in school, on your job and in the different mistakes you may have. Mistakes can’t be avoided in life. However, you can always take learned lessons in life and become a better person with a bright future. When you start high school as a ninth grader, your priorities are socializing, basketball games and having fun. You don’t realize the mistakes you’re making by not doing your homework, studying and test priority. When you become a senior and graduation is approaching, you realize you don’t have all your credits. You learn that working hard and studying can prepare you for a promising college career. As a professional in the work place, bad decisions can be made. Loss of funding, job demotions and bad audit reviews can occur. From these mistakes, you can learn what changes or improvements need to occur. These changes can improve job moral and lead to bonuses. There are times when you can be in a relationship with someone you claim to “ love “ but the littlest things can get you of track. In relationships people make BIG mistakes. Cheating, lying and not being true to your other. Those are three of the biggest mistakes you can make when you are in a relationship with someone. They say all couples have problems but REAL couples get through it. At times you may not be able to work things out and just have to face the consequences because you made that mistake. People make mistakes in all aspects of lie. This is a part of life we need for growth. Without the lessons from mistakes, we can grow and become successful. To be successful means having losses or failures. It’s how you live through, learn, and grow from these mistakes that make the deference.
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