Myths of the Native American Cherokee Tribe

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Myths are sacred to all Native American Tribes, and the two popular myths for the Cherokee

Indian tribe is The Creation Myth, which explains how the world was made, and the other myth

is The First Fire which is about how the fire was discovered. The Cherokees are a very large and

powerful American Indian tribe and has a lot of history background and interesting facts. They

use their cultural myths in their day to day lives in many different ways. The creation myth is

used more in their religion beliefs than the first fire is, but they both are similar with each other.

The Cherokee Indians have a personal and trusting relationship with the earth, animals, and

Plants to show that they love the earth and trust in it.

The creation myth is about how the world was made in the Cherokee Indians point of

view. This myth explains how the world was created and all the background information about it,

and how and why we have mountains and valleys. The Indians believe that “The earth was a

great island floating in a sea of water, suspended by a cord at each of the four cardinal points,

hanging down from the sky vault, which is solid rock”, (Cherokee Beliefs Creation Of Earth),

and they fear that once everybody dies on this earth the earth will go back underground like it

was before everyone was created. There was a arch floating on this island of water with a few

animals aboard, and on this arch was a little Water-beetle, who went on a journey to see what

was under the water, and what he discovered was some mud. The mud some how created a soft

surface so that the animals could then walk on, which became the earth which was flat and very

wet at first. All of the animals were very anxious to see if the ground was ready to walk on, so

each bird on the arch was sent on to check, but they could not find a place to land. Each time

something was discovered or complete they would send out a different animal to do that task to

help get the earth ready to live on. The father of all Buzzards than flew out to get everything

ready, he is the one who made the valleys and mountains. This happened when the Buzzard got

very tired of flying, when he was in the Cherokee country his wings would touch the ground

Ahich turned into a valley than it turned in a mountains.

The sun was created after the earth was dry, the animals saw that it was still very dark. So

then the animals got the sun in track so it would come up each day across the island from east to

west. The first inept didn’t work due to it being really hot, it took a different animal and seven

attempts to get the sun in the sky at a just enough spot. The Indians believe that there is another

world under the one we live in. They call it the underground and they say everything down there

is the same with animals, plants, and people, the only thing different is the seasons they have. Its

not known to whom and when the animals and plants were made, but they were a great use of

help when the earth was being created.

The animals did a lot of work on trying to get everything in order so they could have

some where to live. The plants and animals had to stay up seven nights to test their abilities. Only

the owl, the panther and two other animals were able to stay up the full seven nights and were

rewarded with the powers to see in the dark and stay awake at night.

The tree’s that were able to stay up was the Cedar, the Pine, the Spruce, the Holly and the

Laurel, they were giving the ability to always stay green and to be the greatest medicine. Men

were created after the plant and animals were. First there was just a brother and sister that was

living on earth and then the brother. Then one day he made her multiply by striking her with a

fish, which she did. In seven days there was a baby and then every seven days another baby was...

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