Mystic Monk Coffee

Topics: Nun, Coffee, Monastery Pages: 2 (415 words) Published: May 5, 2013
Mystic Monk Coffee

Father Daniel Mary has established future direction as growth for the Carmelite Monks. Father Daniels specific measure of growth will require the monastery to purchase 500 acres of land that is nearby for 8.9 million. This direction will allow the vision for the monastery to become a reality. The monastery will be able to be home to 30 monks instead of the current 13 monks that live at their current facility. Additionally the Carmelite monks will be able to have a Gothic Church, convent for nuns, and retreat center for lay visitors in addition to hermitage. The Carmelite Monks of Wyoming mission is to increase their current revenue from Mystic monk’s coffee by utilizing one of the largest networks platforms “the catholic church” to sell their goods. To accomplish this; the monks will need to purchase a roaster at the cost of $35,000 to increase their production capability. Father Daniel Mary has not set definite objectives and performance targets for achieving his vision. However, Father Daniel is putting measures in place such as purchasing the new roaster machine to increase is daily production capacity from 540 pounds per day to 130 pounds per hour, which will increase total daily capacity by 240 pounds. Father Prior’s strategy for achieving his vision is a combination of profits from Mystic Monk Coffee and donations from supporters of the monastery. Mystic Monk Coffee’s strategy is currently not a money-maker; however the potential is there for Mystic Monk to become a money-maker. The MMCs current business model includes purchasing organic coffee beans from a broker based out of Seattle, Washington, which a premium price is associated with the beans daily fluctuation in price based on global supply and demand. The monks of the monastery then roast the beans, which they a lot 6 hours a day to perform this activity. The sales platform is mostly done via Mystic Monks Coffee website in addition to selling at local churches...
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