Myocarditis: Blood and Case Study

Topics: Blood, Myocardial infarction, Heart Pages: 17 (4104 words) Published: July 5, 2012
The Philippine Women’s University
School of Nursing

A Case Study

Presented to
Dr. Marieta Fabros
The Department of Nursing

Presented by:

NG2-02 Group A
Barbosa, Pearl P.
Coloma, Marjorie Grace
Cirujales, Lenie P.
David, Ma. Katrina Gabrielle B.
Espejo, Brian Frank O.
Fermo, Alexandra Y.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction3
a. Prologue
b. Definition of Myocarditis
II. Objectives4
c. General Objectives
d. Specific Objectives
III. Nursing History5
e. General Data
f. Chief Complaint
g. Doctor’s Order
h. Social History
i. Family History
IV. Physical Assessment7
j. Vital Signs upon admission
V. Anatomy & Physiology9
k. Heart
l. Myocardium
VI. Pathophysiology12
m. Pathophysiology Chart
n. Four Stages
VII. Laboratory Results and Diagnostic Procedures16 o. Arterial Blood Gas Analysis
p. Bacteriology Report
q. Chemistry Section
r. Chest X-Ray
s. ECG Examination
t. Hemotology Report
u. Immunology/Serology Report
v. Urinalysis
VIII. Nursing Care Plans20a
w. Ideal Nursing Care Plans
x. Actual Nursing Care Plans
IX. Drug Study20d
X. Discharge Plan21
XI. Conclusion22
z. Problems Encountered
{. Evaluation
|. Conclusion

This case study, following the general format, presents a patient with a case of Myocarditis. As student nurses, we are to learn the general causes and effects of Myocarditis and, more importantly, the different types of learning interventions applied to this patient. This case study will cover general discussion of the anatomical parts related to the said diagnosis, the nursing history and physical assessment of the patient, the Pathophysiology of Myocarditis, the diagnostic procedures and laboratory results along with their interpretation, the drug study, and nursing care plans.

Myocarditis is inflammation of heart muscle (myocardium). It resembles a heart attack, but the coronary arteries are not blocked. Myocarditis varies, but the central feature is an infection of the heart, with an inflammatory infiltrate, and damage to the heart muscle, without the blockage of coronary arteries that define a heart attack (myocardial infarction) or other common non-infectious causes. As early as 1806, a persistent inflammatory process following such an infection (eg, diphtheria) of the myocardium led to progressive cardiac damage and dysfunction. By 1837, the term myocarditis was first introduced and thus defined as inflammation or degeneration of the heart by postmortem examinations. Endomyocardial biopsy in 1980 allows the sampling of human myocardial tissue during life and antemortem diagnosis of myocarditis. Studies suggest that myocarditis is a major cause of sudden, unexpected death in adults less than 40 years of age (20%). Prospective and retrospective studies have identified myocardial inflammation in 1 to 9 percent of routine postmortem examinations.

General Objectives
The general objectives of this case study are to identify and determine the health problems and needs of a patient diagnosed with Myocarditis. In turn, this will help us as student nurses to understand the medical condition as well as to further learn what specific nursing interventions to apply and how to apply them.

Specific Objectives
The following objectives of this case study are to:
* Discuss the general history and incidences of Myocarditis. * Review the organs involved as well as their anatomy and physiology. * State and discuss the diagnostic and laboratory procedures done to assess the patient’s status. * List the medications administered along with their indications, side effects, and nursing responsibilities....

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