My Wreck-the Worst Day of My Life

Topics: Burn, Airbag, Insurance Pages: 2 (709 words) Published: November 15, 2009
A Lesson Learned

One day my mom and I was out and enjoying a nice day together; then all of the sudden in a blink of an eye things go from great to horrible. On April 14, 2009, turned out to be one of the worst and scariest days of my life. I had to learn a extremely hard lesson a extremely hard way.

On April 14, 2009 my mom and I had went to Jackson to pick up some Easter pictures, and we had stopped to get something to eat. We finished eating dinner and pulled out into traffic. The traffic was heavy. We were laughing, talking and enjoying the day; when all of sudden a vehicle runs a traffic light and we hit him. We first hit him in his side, and the second time head on. I had never been that scared before in my life.

There were so many thoughts running thoughts running through my head at this time. One of my first thoughts was to call my husband and let him know, but when I looked down to get my phone and seen it was not there. At this time I was still strapped in by the seat belt and airbag, so I could not reach down to find it. When the paramedics got over to me they helped me get loose and they handed it to me. When I called him I was hysterically upset and he could not understand a word I was saying. One of the paramedics came over and got on the phone with him and told him everything that was going on. My husband was immediately on his way to me. Then I looked up and noticed my truck; the whole front end of my truck was up to the dash board, and I just started crying. I knew it was completely totaled.

Then all of the sudden it dawned on me; I was not by myself. I looked over at my mom and her legs was pinned underneath the dashboard and her nose was pouring blood. I started panicking and crying again. The paramedic got me calmed down and asked me how my arms was feeling, so I looked down and seen my right arm was all bubbled up and red, and my left arm was raw itself. With everything going on my whole body was numb, and I had not realized...
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