My Vision

Topics: Time, Economics, Investment Pages: 3 (1153 words) Published: May 1, 2013
This is a class exercise to help me figure out what my long term goals and my short term goals are for my future. I will have thirty thousand dollars to pay for my expenses and manage my life in the future. I will have thirty thousand dollars a year to pay for housing, food, automobile expenses, recreation, clothing, medical expenses, miscellaneous items, and any saving and investing I want to do in my future. After I graduate college I plan on moving back home with my parents, because it is much cheaper and it will not cost me any money for housing. I won’t have to pay hundreds of dollars on an apartment, or worry about a roommate that is unreliable or unstable. Living at home will help me save money to help myself in the future, to buy the dream house that I want. I plan on giving my mom one hundred and twenty five dollars to help pay a bill or help her with any small house problems. I also want to live at home with my parents because they will be older and the might need my help around the house and the might need me to take care of them by the time I graduate high school and I am willing to do that for my parents. For food I plan to spend one hundred and ten dollars on eating out because I am a big guy and after college I will be even bigger so i plan to eat lots of food. I will also be at home with my mom and she is a great cook, so I won’t have to worry about spending lots of money on food because my mom will supply breakfast and dinner for me and cook me fresh meals. So the only thing I’ll have to worry about is when I need a snack, or I just get hungry at a random time, I will buy me something to eat. I don’t have a special diet so I won’t spend money on buying healthy foods or special foods or worry about eating a certain kind of food because I eat almost everything. My plan for clothing is to spend one hundred and thirty dollars, because I am big on shoes and socks so I will spend lots of money on the new socks and shoes that come out and because shoes...
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