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Principles Of Management
Wk 1: Dis

In this week’s discussion you will begin to explain the four management functions and the evolution of management thought. In Chapter 11, “Motivation” read pages 360-390 and answer questions from “Why Won’t They Take a Break?” on page 391. Discuss the following:

Which motivation theory(s) do you think would help communicate the importance of vacation time to your employees? I would go with McClellands learned needs theory. This theory suggest that people are motivated by need of affiliation as well as achievement. I think by explaining to employees the benefit of vacation time could be used to express the importance of it, by suggesting to employees that vacation time can be used for time other than the goal to save for a vacation. emergency's can arise and vacation time is a helpful way to get through what could possibly be a tough patch as well as the perks of taking vacation time for in fact a vacation. the benefits could be used to suit the individuals needs as well as personal goals. How would you convince your employees that working less hours, not more, is more beneficial for them and the company? I would honestly explain to my employees how working less hours can prevent them from becoming 'burned out' and decreasing performance. I would also explain plainly how by working more hours when not necessary is draining on the company and its ability to afford the employee's salary's. however i would one on one discuss the goals of each employee using McClellands theory's to work with the individual at reaching those personal goals even with a lack of excessive hours required. Please remember to cite the text and any outside sources used.

Wk 2: Dis
Consider the particular management functions which apply to scenarios such as domestic and international business. For this week’s class discussion you will locate a news article which will help you to explain and apply these management functions.

First, find a recent news article about an organization that is experiencing change.

Then, discuss the following:
How is the organization applying each of the four functions of management (planning, organizing, leading, controlling) to address this change? I found a news article on Starbucks. Starbuck has a threat to their coffee supply due to climate change.

Starbuck used the four functions of management and their results are showing success.

Planning: Their goal is to reduce the Green House Gasses. Their means to succeed is to come up with an efficiency program to reduce their environmental footprint, use reusable energy, and reduce carbon emissions

Organizing: They tried to talk to congress to take action but failed. So they started to work with local producers to take their own action.

Leading: They partnered up with Conservation International to improve their production, and to conserve and restore natural habitat. The also worked with farmers in order to reduce carbon emissions.

Control: They are keeping track of their progress by conducting an inventory of their use of Green House Gas.

The result in 2010 was 1,006,854 metric tons of GHG they were using. In 2011 the results were 979,963 metric ton of GHG being used. A reduction of 2.7%. They are continuing to monitor the GHG use. Since the efficiency program is working they will continue trying to find more ways to reduce their use of GHG.

Wk 3: Dis
Now that you have learned about aspects of the communications model, such as managing communication, planning, and decision making, you will explain the communications model from the sender’s and receiver’s perspectives in this week’s class discussion.

Discuss the following:

Explain the steps to successfully communicate a message to a receiver. Which steps of the process do you find most challenging in your communications and why? The first step is the message....The message is the...
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