My Struggles

Topics: Family, Mother Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: May 5, 2013
It’s hard for me to live in this cruel cruel world. Most of your friends backstab you. Your mother is lazy and never helping you. On your ABC or 123’s but all they do is sleep. Because they work a night shift some where without a college degree. Very little money job layoffs I’m afraid that she’ll be off next. Then well be on the streets like the pursuit of happiness. It’s hard to go to tutorials. With a very hard coach. My mom forces me most of the time to play football I really don’t know why. I wish there was someone out in the world just like me. Because I really need you right now. It’s hard to live a life when its filled with rejection. Next thing you know I’m tearing up and I may cause attention. Sometimes I wish my mom could help me with all this home work when I was three. Except she kept complaining about her work hours and how she had to sleep. My dad was never in my life. Except this year at the Desoto game. Then he only spent that day at the game to talk to me and that was just for like three minutes. Then he never called us back again. So I guess that was the end. My grandma treats me like a piece of trash. But she tries to by my love now who does that. There is a total of three grandsons and a granddaughter but there all mean except me. Jordan all he does is be lazy and do drugs. He worked at McDonalds he swore he was a thug. When he got in trouble my grandma rat him out with a lot of money. The bad think about it she was a retired sheriff officer. But she don’t care cause he a thug. I don’t like him. He gets on my nerves. Always steeling my Xbox box, he is such a turd. I don’t have anyone to trust or talk to unless it’s my teachers. There the only one that I can trust with all my heart don’t break that trust.
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