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Rona Page
General Psychology
January 22, 2015

Assignment #1

Psychoanalytic psychology is focused on the unconscious part of brain. Sigmund Freud the “The Father of Psychoanalysis” believed that our behavior is influenced deeply by internal conflicts. Also the impulses and desires more so concerning sex and aggression influence our behavior as well. Psychoanalysis is the first known developed psychotherapy (talking cure). Freud believed that you can uncover those thoughts hidden in the unconscious part of the brain by using that technique. Behaviorist learn through the environment. They study the observable behavior around them. John B. Watson is the “Father of Behaviorism”. He soon took in the idea of conditioning from the Russian physiologist Ivan Pavlov. Humanistic psychology is a very positive psychology. It focuses on one’s self. Carl Rogers believed in self or self-concept. Humanist believe that our past does affect us, but it cannot be changed. It is our duty to want to change ourselves. Cognitive is thinking process. Most of human behavior can be understood by mental processing of information. They have the incoming information, sensory memory, selective attention, short-term memory, and long-term memory. Sensory memory is The forgotten memory where as short-term memory can be sent to the long-term memory part of the brain as long as the short-term memory is being rehearsed. Biopsychological is behavior explained in terms of brain activity, genetics, and other bodily mechanics. Biopsychology is a believer in evolution. The key idea the biopsychological view is that human and animal behavior is the cause of internal physical, chemical, and biological processes. Biopsychological is fair new to the perspectives.
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