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Student Success Plan
This personalized Student Success Plan will help you reflect on past positive accomplishments you have made as a student and obstacles you have faced and overcome in previous terms. Once you identify your current status, you will analyze what you want to accomplish and how you will get there. You will also see that you are not alone on your educational journey. Your instructor is committed to helping you succeed in addition to the many resources provided by Everest. By completing the information below, you are taking accountability and responsibility for your own success! The Student Success Plan is an effective tool that you should complete for each of your courses at the start of every term.   Click in each box and type your responses.

Student Information:
Student’s Name
Course and Section Number
Program of Study
Judesa gigi Williams

Criminal justice

Reflection on your past academic experiences as a student: Positive accomplishments with previous experience(s)
Obstacles faced in previous experience(s)
Ways you overcame the obstacles

Earn my AA degree
Having to work and go to school
Had to set a balance and pick a proper time to study and choose what was more important

Analyze your strengths and motivations:
Diagnostic questions:
Responses to the questions:
Your commitment and how you will apply it:

What strengths or personal characteristics do you possess that will help you succeed as a college student? Have to choose the right time to study and organize myself the right way. And also do my work in a timely fashion. Don’t give up no matter and apply myself to do my best, study take notes and ask question if I need to and research on anything I need help in

What is your biggest motivation for completing your college education? My family and for myself
Knowing what I want for myself and for them
What is your ultimate goal as a college student?
To get my Bs
Work and do what I have to do
What is one goal you want to accomplish in this course?
To pass
By doing the work

Analyze your current obstacles and how you plan to overcome them: Possible obstacles:
Your answer and current status:
Your commitment to overcome obstacles:

Will college require you to alter your responsibilities and juggle other responsibilities in your life? Yes my little kids

Work while they in school and while they are sleeping

What challenges do you face as a college student?
Doing my work on time
Focused and know what I want
What other obstacles do you think you may face this term?
Not one I can think of

Analyze your needs as a student:
Your needs:
Your response:
How do you want to see your instructor accomplish this?

What type of assistance do you need from your instructor?
To keep me posted
Sending me any updates
What is the best method and day/time for your instructor to call you? My email, call

Analyze, schedule, and plan your time:
Your time:
How many hours you will spend on each activity this term?
How will you adjust your schedule this term to fit this in?

How many hours per week are you going to spend doing things other than school? 4
How many total hours per week are you going to be able to devote to your courses? 20

Using the examples below, fill in the chart to plan out your weekly schedule throughout the entire term. Include all activities that require your time. This is a tool that you should complete and use on a weekly basis to effectively manage your time. Activity

Time Needed to Complete
Scheduled Day & Time to Complete

Example: Work day
 8 hours
 Monday – 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Example: Review Learning Activities for SLS 1105
 2 hours
 Monday – 8:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
Individual work
 Monday 10pm-3p
Learning activities
 Tuesday 8pm-9pm





Commitments to your success:
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