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My Paper on Divorce

By zigguratz Apr 03, 2011 269 Words
Persuasive speech on Divorce


Divorces; is a trend that most couples in singapore have resort to escape from a failing marriage. A way in which to ease their marital pain, however oblivious to the consequences that can impact to their children.

In raising a family, as adults and parents, we have to prepare ourselves to face the challenges that comes with it. Without responsibility, faith and a strong sense of commitment, the family that we have established will surely crumble.. And thus it will lead to divorce. The number of divorce cases in singapore is high. And it has increased throughout the years at an alarming rate. Last year’s statistics showed that there were more than xxxx divorces registered! This means that everyday, on average, there were 8 couples filing for divorce.

If on average each couple going for divorce has 2 children, it means that every year, there are almost 4000 children who are affected by their parents divorces. Can you imagine, 4000 children, will carry with them deep emotional scars that will leave a mark for the rest of their lives.

Thus, I stand by you today on this podium with my fellow team mates Safrina and Sinwan, from the Singapore Family Awareness society feel that divorces is a serious issue and we have been researching on this issue. We believe that there is a need to create awareness on adults about divorces ,as to protect the children whom are the victims of divorces.


I wish to pursuade my audience that married couples should value and save their marriages rather than resorting to divorces

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