Cause And Effect Essay: The Effect Of Divorce

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The Effect of Divorce
50 percent of children in the United States watch their parents go through a divorce ( If you have 10 friends, 5 of those friends could have divorced parents. Do you know how it feels to have divorced parents? Maybe you do know, maybe you are a victim of divorce. Even though it might be for the best of the parents, the loss of stability that comes from a divorce affects children and even adults in many ways.
Many children who suffer through their parents divorce have a number of physical and mental problems. They are more likely to become sick and the recovery time is also longer (Focus on the Family). Children are known to act out in school and be more mean to their peers (The Huffington Post)....

The effects can follow people into their adulthood. Women have been known to have anxiety when older and are afraid of love ( They fear of being hurt emotionally so they find themselves running away from relationships. When children witness the breaking down of trust in their parent’s marriage they often have trust issues in their own relationships in the future (
People and kids change when their parents split up. Sometimes talking about what is going on is hard for the kids. They may think it is their fault that their parents got a divorce. They act out but then they blame their parents as an excuse (The Huffington Post). They blame them as a way to cope and sometimes to get back at their parents. They try to make their parents feel bad for what they did to them and rebel in any way possible.
Although, divorce can be hard for adults too. Waiting to get a divorce until your kids grow up doesn’t make things easier (The Huffington Post). It still hurts to see your parents fall out of love. There was a study conducted on the effect of divorce and the years to come. The researcher assumed that after so many years the children, now adults, would come to rest about the whole matter. Instead, the research showed that even 25 years after witnessing the divorce, the adults were still fearing failure, loss, and change (Focus on the...
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