My Opinion on Abortion

Topics: Abortion, Pregnancy, Pro-choice Pages: 4 (1186 words) Published: April 19, 2006
Chelsey Peeler

English 101

My Argument about Abortion

What is your opinion on abortion? There are two different types of abortion. One type of abortion is called spontaneous abortion. Spontaneous abortion is accidental, due to natural causes, and is commonly known as a miscarriage. Another type of abortion is deliberate abortion. Deliberate abortion is induced and is further subcategorized into therapeutic abortions and elective abortions. ( People have many different opinions on abortion. There are also many reasons why people have their opinion. Some people have religious views on abortion and others have their own views. There are some people who believe in pro-choice and some believe in pro-life although, there are still many sub categories to it. There are the plain and simple ones that only think it's either right or wrong. Then there are the ones that think that rape, incest, or if the child with have a disorder that it abortion is alright.

Pro-choice is when the person believes that no matter what, a woman has the right to choose whether or not she wants to give birth to the child that she as conceived. Most people who are pro-choice believe that the fetus is not a human but a mass of tissue. ( _or_choice/pro_choice.asp) Lots of times women use abortion as a form or birth control. They get abortions because they had unprotected sex and have gotten pregnant and decided that they weren't ready to be a mother. But, if they believe in pro-choice the women has the right to choose whether or not she is ready to be a mother. They believe that ever child should be a wanted child. ( or_choice/pro_choice.asp) Every child is wanted, the biological mother might not want them, but there are people out there who can not have children and they could want that child. God puts every child into the world for a reason and you will never know the reason unless...

Bibliography: or choice/pro choice.asp
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