My Man Bovanne

Topics: Narrative, Political party, Politics, Communist state, Dance, A Story / Pages: 1 (325 words) / Published: Sep 10th, 2014
My Men Bovanne

This is a story by Tony Cade Bambana, in this story the narrator Miss Hazel is black woman a middle aged exuberant lady, who is attending to a political party, at this party there is this blind men, with a big smile, who nobody seems to notice and is not very welcome by the adults at the party .
Miss Hazel is attending the party with her three young children, Joe Lee,
Task and her daughter Elo, She is concern about the blind, and, decides to dance with him, she pull him over to the dance floor and start dancing, she pushes up close to him and enjoys the feeling of his stomach vibrations. While they where dancing, her kids get close to her and pull her into the host kitchen, On her children eyes, she is making an spectacle by the way she was dancing, the way she dresses, wearing a too short dress for a woman her age. Elo said "like a bitch in heat”, (5). Miss Hazel didn’t say anything to this because, she will cry, but, she thinks …“Terrible thing when your own children talk to you like that” (5)
Miss Hazel was older enough to make her own decisions, she decide to take the blind shopping, “Where are we going Miss Hazel?” ask Bovanne (9) what she has in mind is nothing sexual. first thing she will buy him a dark sunglasses and then she will take him to the supermarket to buy tomorrows dinner and she said to him “…which is going to be a gran thing proper and you invites. Then we will go to my house”(9) There will be a very good treatment for the blind, a what Mis Hazel thought “…Cause you gots to take care of the older folks and let them know they are still needed….”
Nisi was saying at her speech “Old folks is the nation”. and I mean to to my part”(9)

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