My Love Letter to You

Topics: Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Communication, Robert Browning Pages: 1 (290 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Anushka Rajbhandari
Ms. Rubeena Shrestha
English A: Literature and Language
22 January 2013
Title: My Love Letter to You
Area of communication and type of text: Love Letter, Victorian Era We are now in the 21st century. The development of technology has grown so much that no one can imagine. Technology has brought us a new form of writing, texting. Texting has given the human race a medium that is ideally suited for transmitting short bursts of information ("Out of milk," "U left water running," "Hurry hm, dog barfed on crpt"), but electronic messaging has its limitations. It tends to discourage the development of rich, extended thought, and it's a poor substitute for the composition of letters. Letters make ideal first drafts because they occur offstage and out of the spotlight, giving us the chance to develop ideas and arguments. While writing a letter, we're talking to someone we know and trust, using language that doesn't strain for effect. Letter writing helps us to recall how it takes its shape from "public" or cultural conventions of expression, and from the aims of each individual diarist or letter writer. Today people have been carried away with technology so much that they have forgotten to put their feet on the ground. They seem to forget the importance of letter writing. To remind people the significance of letter writing I therefore will be writing a love letter. I want to touch the reader’s heart and mind and show how expressive a letter can be. I will be taking reference from the love letters from Robert Browning to Elizabeth Barrett. My love letters will be written in the modern language. I have tried to focus more on part 1 of the course.
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