My Life Teacher

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My Life Teacher
Whether it’s a person, song, book or whatever it might be everyone has some kind of influence in their lives. An influence can drive someone to better themselves, or maybe send them in the wrong direction. They really determine the way people turn out. Just like anyone else, I have had many influences in my life, some good, some bad, and they all cross my mind when I have to make a big decision. Over all the ones that do come across my mind my mom impacts my decision the most.

Parents can be the most important, and are normally the most important and effective influence in children growing up. My mom definitely had that effective on me in a good way. She is the first to come to my mind when I’m trying to figure out the right thing to do. But like I said, I have many other influences, and they also affect my decisions. My friends are a big part in my life and I think because I’m around them most, they are the second biggest influence to me.

I feel that friends, in most people’s lives are a huge influence because of the amount of time spent with them and the pressure that is put on by them. Without my friends I would be completely different than I am now. Friends have impacted me since I was just a kid, like influencing the kind of toys I would play with, the cartoons I would watch and basically everything I thought was “cool”. Growing up my friends got me into the music I listen to and the sports I play. In 7th grade they all got me to join ski-club with them at our school and got me into snowboarding. They had all been doing it for about a year but I never really got into it until ski-club. I ended up really liking it and have been doing it ever since, so I’m grateful for my friends encouraging me to get into it. Friends obviously aren’t always the best influence, especially in a teenager’s life. You see it all the time how friends pressure friends to do stupid things. Me and my group in middle school and high school weren’t...
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