My life in twenty years!

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My life in twenty years!

In twenty years I have justice job. I might be a police officer because I will like catching gangsters, killers, bandits, sharks and many others apaches. I also might be a doctor because I will earn a lot of money. Also that more and more people are sick and they need help. I want also to be lawyer because it is interesting job and my father is lawyer.
In my free time I will do the things that I like. I will do yoga because it is relaxing. I will also write books for children and teenagers, but books will be about their life and about funny thing that they like. I like picnic so I and my friends and my family will go for a picnic in the nature.

I want to be married and live in a big house by huge mountains. In the house it must be at least 10 bedrooms because I have many relatives. The house must be yellow with black and it must be exclusive. If I am not married I want to live in a big flat in city centre. In the flat must be at least 6 bedrooms. The balcony must be red with white and the flat also must be exclusive. If I am rich, I will be able to have not 1 house, but 5 or 6 houses and they all be splendid. I will maintain children’s home. Also invest a little money to someone dealership. I will want put part of money to the bank.
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