My Life CHanged

Topics: Anxiety, Worry, Mother Pages: 2 (786 words) Published: May 16, 2014

My Life Changed
Leaving the clinic on that very day tears poured down my eyes as I tried to swallow the news the doctor had just given me. I grabbed my cell phone dialed 7 digits… no answer I hung up the phone and sat in total shock and disbelief, as I was about to start my car and leave my phone began to ring my throat tight palms sweaty I answered and muttered two drastic words I’M PREGNANT! The person on the other line must’ve been as shock as I was to hear those words “WHAT” they asked as I repeated myself I’M PREGNANT! Finding out I was pregnant was both the happiest and scariest moment of my life, immediately I thought about the physical, emotional, and financial aspect of it all. Here I was a 22 year old with no job living with my parents I surely did not plan are picture this for my life I’d had liked to be financially stable in my own place with a job and not having to depend on anybody for anything but I guess things don’t work out the way we plan and sometimes we have to play the cards that are dealt. As the months came and went my physical appearance changed my hips began to widen and my nose got really fat my ankles where so badly swollen that it felt like I was walking on glass every step I took I was MISERABLE! I had shortness of breath every time I’d walk. I could no longer enjoy sleeping on my stomach I had to sleep uncomfortably on my side I was never able to get comfortable. But to everyone else it was beautiful and they said I had a glow which I never saw. Also my emotions where so crazy I had so many mood swings and didn’t know why. I remember my mom had went to work and left me at home by myself and I started crying like I don’t even know why I just started crying she said it was because of pregnancy hormones. I’d cry for everything like I was so depressed I couldn’t believe this was happening jobless and still leaving at home with my parents expecting a child of my own I felt overwhelmed I had to grow up fast and figure out how to be...
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