My Journey

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My Journey
Reflecting on my 17 years of life gives me a since of accomplishment on what I’ve become in these past years. Even though I wasn’t the kid on the block with the best outfit or cleanest shoes, I always knew I was very fortunate as a child. My mother has always been there for me and she’s loved me in a way no one else could, as for my father, he has been a huge support as far sports, and someone to get advice from. I realized that the people I’ve surrounded myself by play a big role in the decisions I make as a teenager; they will help me reach my goals and in the long run make my dreams come true. My dream in life is to be the best I can be to make myself and my mother proud of my success and accomplishments. I’ve made it to my senior year in high school, the quote I live by that bests fits me is “If you don’t want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you won’t be successful.” This quote will keep me going through any road blocks that I will face in life to keep myself focused to achieve my goals a strive for greatness. My mother had a vision to care for both of her children as best as she could and give us the life she never had; not saying that she would wake up not knowing where her next meal came from but just the simple fact of being the only one out of the 5 children to leave her low scaled neighborhood and move to a more struggle-free way of living. As a child I wasn’t the richest kid in school, but I also wasn’t the poorest, I believed I was fortunate but never rich. I’ve never had to struggle in my younger years such as; our lights getting cut off, being evicted, missing a meal, or even sharing any necessities with my older sister. My life has been laid back and relaxing with no fears or struggles, but one thing I will give my mother gratitude for is teaching me that nothing in life is free, everything is earned. With that being said it gives away that even though I was fortunate I never got everything I wanted I had to work for in...
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