My Impression on the Catholic Church

Topics: Christianity, Homosexuality, Bishop Pages: 2 (447 words) Published: June 18, 2013
My Impression of the Catholic Church Today

The Church is a Holy place where people pray and worship our creator. It is where we grow as a person bounded with humility, passion, and serenity or inner peace. But recently, the Catholic Church was bombarded with scandals that might ruin the clean image of the Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church has many scandals that are truly unacceptable. Some of these scandals are Priests with children, Gay Priests, Priests living a luxurious life, and many more. Since I am a Catholic, I would like to share what I have in mind about these scandals. First, Priests with children. This particular scandal is very inappropriate because they solemnly pledged to be celibate and focus on preaching the Good News to the people. They preach about Family Planning, but they themselves cannot control their urges. They should live what they preach. Next is about Gay Priests. From the moment they stepped inside the Seminary, they should have known what their sexual preference is. They should have known what they want. This scandal is very controversial because they preach about homosexuality; that homosexuality is against our religion and homosexual people are not to be accepted by the church. That is hypocritical! Lastly, Priests living a luxurious life. Some Priests just preach for the sake of money. Some of them ask for donations for the development of the church, but they use it for themselves. If they are not truly enjoying a luxurious life, then why do they have luxury brand cars? Why do they have cellphones that are too expensive? Why are they spending too much for themselves and not for the development of the Church and for the welfare of people?

There are a lot of controversies that the Church is facing today. Some of them are unacceptable and some of them are just plain inappropriate. That is why Pope Francis is making a move and removing stereotypes that people see from the church. You may say that the Priests should not...
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