My Homeland Your Homeland

Topics: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbs, Eamonn Holmes Pages: 2 (634 words) Published: May 25, 2013
My Homeland Your Homeland

I love the smell of my country in spring. So wonderful, fresh and colourfull. So many different fragrances, unique perfumes make this smell so adorable. That smell is created by the people who live here, in beautiful country of mine, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Three constitutional nations with their own characteristic perfume together make one of great value, and one can not exist without the others.

Sitting in my favorite cafe, alone in my deepest thoughts. My tea's already gone cold. I'm wondering how quickly a change can happen. When I got out of my bed this morning, the morning rain clouds were up on my window and I could barely see anything. I wanted to go back to my bad, but something made me go out for a walk. I'm happy I did that, because as soon as I got out I knew it' was going to be a beautiful day. The sun rose in a hurry, as if it was trying to make up for setting so early the evening before, bouncing into the sky like a great fiery yo-yo. The sky was a brilliantly bright, baby blue, and perched gently on the leafy branches of the trees in the park, birds sang. It looked like utopia, or is it really?

It’s been two decades since the war in this area was started, and consequences on the cities are becoming less and less visible. But what about the consequences and differences among the people? Are they getting bigger as the days are passing by, or they’re blending and the people are forgiving? I believe that the war is far behind us, it surely will never be forgotten, but it has to be forgiven. In my community it already is. We all live together, Serbs, Bosnians and Croats. We all look the same, breathe the same and eat the same. We are all just humans, living together in one country, creating one beautiful society, one unrepeatable perfume.

In my circle of friends we all share the same opinion. There is no hate or refusal to suffer, we all go out together and we don’t make distinctions among us. I rate people by...
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