My History Essay

Topics: Chinese New Year, Family, People's Republic of China Pages: 2 (838 words) Published: January 14, 2011
I am Thai, but inside I am also Chinese
“My hometown China, I’m so sad that I had to leave you”, is a part of the song I heard all the time when I was little, and I still remember it. Not much is known about my background; I only know that I am actually Chinese. I could have cared less about it because I was born and raised in Thailand, and I considered myself Thai until my mom told me about my grandparents. My grandfather used to be a doctor in a small communist camp in China. He didn’t like it because he had to cure soldiers who hurt innocent people, but he couldn’t help these people. He felt that was wrong, so he and my grandmother escaped from the communist camp, looking for a better life in Thailand. As foreigners in Thailand, they had a hard life for a while; however, they never gave up. Later on, they became successful in a business. I am very proud of them and I feel very thankful. If my grandparents hadn’t moved from China, my life would be completely different now.

School is the first priority of my life, my mother always reminded me. She is very strict about my education. Sometimes I felt like I was under the water and couldn’t breathe because it’s too much. I used to get mad at her all the time. One day she and I had a conversation about school, she told me she was hard on me because when she was teenager, my grandparents had already settled down. They had a noodle company, which made them very wealthy. Her parents had 8 children including her, and she is the 6th. My grandfather wanted his children to have a good education because he believed a good education would bring you a good life. The older ones didn’t want to go to school because they had a lot of money to spend from the business, so only my mother and the two younger sisters were going to school. When my mother was still a young, my grandfather passed away, leaving the noodle company behind. Unfortunately, nobody knew how to manage it. The company started falling apart. They became very...
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