My Handsome Boy Named Scooter

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My Handsome Boy Named Scooter

Judith A. Bell

ENG 121

Thomas, Cooper

December 2, 2012

One gorgeous summer day, I decided to stop in our local Humane Society and peep in on the new dogs. It was love at first site, my handsome boy Scooter sat in the corner of the last cage I peered in. Our eyes met and we both knew he was coming home with me that very day.

I put a brand new bright neon green collar and leash on him as if he and I were pro’s, it fit perfectly. I then knew we were off to a beautiful start of our relationship. I just knew we were going to become the best of friends forever.

On the car ride home, he sat so adorable in the seat next to me. We both were so excited to get home, we could barely wait. It felt like we were on pins and needles all the way there. After arriving to Scooter’s new forever home, I immediately went to work on setting up the house for a puppy. Laying down puddle papers, food, and water down in certain spots is necessary. So, He could easily get used to his surroundings. He could even tell me from the start, with his amazing nose, where I put his treats. He put his front paws on the cabinet and started barking.

The next day, we went out in the back yard to let Scooter experience the alluring long bladed grass. He ran and ran until his itty bitty body was plum wore out. He slept like a newborn baby that night, and from that point on, every night in his bed witch was as soft and plushy as mine.

Another morning, Scooter awoke with a blissful look on his face, so I decided to capture the moment and go for a peaceful bike ride. The next thing I know, I hear a yelp like I have never heard before. He somehow got his cute little nose/mouth in the spokes. I immediately saw bright red blood, so we rushed off to the animal hospital. The vet took a look at Scooter; he then turned to tell me he lost two teeth. I felt terrible and started to cry. That’s when the vet whispered, Scooter will be just fine. I was

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