My Goal

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Career Goal Setting
By Gabriela Rosel

In five years, I want to be a business office assistant. I want to work in the city of Fresno. I would like to work with a company that is willing to hire me as there office assistant. I chose this goal because it would lead me to success in my life and my son’s future. Also I would like for my son to be well disciplined. In order to reach my five –year goal I need to set the following short-term goals. One of my short –term goals is to continue attending Fresno City College so I can receive my certificate for business office assistant by 2014. My financial goal is to be employed as a security guard with B&R Security Services by February of 2013. As soon as I start working as a security guard I would be able to pay off my debts and educational finances. It would take some time for my son to understand the difference from right and wrong, that’s why he is attending daycare. I am currently attending Fresno City College to reach my short-term goal on receiving my certificate by 2014. By March of 2013, I would receive my guard card. Also, I am going to find out if I can set-up a payment plan for my debts. Since my son is attending daycare they’ll teach him his basic learning skills he would need to know when he starts preschool and that would be in three years. He still gets a lot to learn from me and his peers. I will know I have reached these goals when I complete the business office assistant courses in Fresno City College. When I complete the courses I would apply for my certificate and have it mailed to me. Also I will know I have reached these goals when my guard card arrives and would be able to work as a security guard. As soon as I start to working for B&R Security Services I would be able to pay off my debts. My son can be disciplined in many ways but I prefer for him to attend daycare cause its like he is attending school. He would be prepared for preschool and understand more. I need the following...
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