Level 4 Project

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Level Four Project
June 5, 2011

Assignment One
My short term goal for education would be to stay in high school and finish all four years then graduate. Not all of my family members graduated from high school except my aunt and I look up to her. I know it will be hard because I’m not an A, B student. I’m just average but I can change that and I know I am capable to do that since my grades are looking a lot better than before which makes me super proud of myself. My short time goal for employment is to find one during the summer because I need to stop asking for money from my family, I feel needy, I want to make my own money, do my own thing.

My mid- term goal for education is to go to college. I want to go to George Mason University ever since I was a kid, I never had a good reason to, I just like it. Just in case I don’t get accepted there, I want to go to Mary Mount University because my aunt goes there. I know I will be majoring in business because I will need it to be good at my future job when I grown up. I know college isn’t like high school because you have a lot more responsibilities. I want to live in a dorm as well or move in an apartment with my friends because it seems pretty fun. My mid-term goal for employment is to be in a good paying job that will pay my bills and car insurance and that will give me some experience for my future job. Maybe shadow someone that is in the field I want to be in or be an intern for them.

My long term goal for education is to get a master’s degree which means doing all four years of college plus two more years. I just want to accomplish more than just finishing college like I got through it, I want to show more. Then after that hopefully I already got my real estate licenses and begin working or start planning weddings. My long term goal for employment would be to start to be to start to be a real estate agent or if the economy is still bad than I can be that part time and become a wedding planner...
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