My First Day at the University

Pages: 1 (406 words) Published: October 13, 2010
A sign of the fate.

The train was quickly gathering speed, I sat looking out of the window until the last twinkling lights of the town had disappeared, giving way to moonlit fields stretching away on both sides of the railway line. It was after midnight and as we were to arrive in Moscow early the following day I thought I might as well turn in. I was just about to go and get my bed-linen when I saw the attendant coming along collecting the tickets. So I opened my bag to get mine ready for him. I got my ticket and gave it to the attendant. She read the ticket very carefully then surprisingly looked at me and said that I had set on the wrong train. This train was bound for Murmansk. I was shocked at this. I must be in Moscow next day and my plans went to smash. The large company offered me a job, so I needed to be in Moscow tomorrow. The attendant went to call the trainmaster. I was sitting and looking at disappearing forests out of the window when the man entered the compartment. It was the trainmaster. He recognized me and I’m too. He was my group mate, my first love. Five years passed. I remembered our graduation party, when we were happy, we danced. But the fate gave commands and we departed. Now we were surprised to meet each other. He said that I had not changed since the university times. He told that he lived and worked in Moscow and that he was single. We got into a conversation. I even forgot about my problem. Then Michael offered me his help. He found out by radio if any train was bound that way. He said that I should get out at the next station and in 30 minutes there was a train to Moscow. I thanked my rescuer. When I got out of the train he offered to meet in Moscow later, to show me the city and gave his phone number. I agreed and we said goodbye. I remembered that I got in the train and arrived in Moscow at noonday. Now I understand that it was a sign and Michael and I didn’t happen to meet each other. I...
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