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Long Distance Relationship

By Ivona222 Apr 19, 2013 418 Words
It was summer, July 2011. The day which one I will never forget...Our story began in the camping Stomion (Greece).We have our first date on the beach at night we were like speaking about each other for 10 hours without to stop…Suddenly we realized that we were born to be together. The next day I should leave and go back to my country. I said that all this which one happened was one summer adventure...but actually I was wrong. After for two weeks dating on Skype, he told me “I am going to come to your place and to spend one week with you” –I didn’t believe. And yes. He came and we spend such a lovely time in one small town called Ohrid... We feel so good together…And I was sure that I didn’t feel something more beautiful from that before. The time was passing and twice a month we were seeing each other. We decided to try to be together and we said everything will be perfect if we are doing must to have faith!! Because distance was how we found each other and distance will never separate us emotionally, so it’s not going to be easy, it’s going to be really hard, we're going to have to work at this everyday but I want to do that because I want him. I hate waiting, but if waiting means able to see him, I’ll wait as long as forever to be with him. Like that pass and the winter we were in Bulgaria in the summer we were in Spain. Every moment spends with him was happy and full with love … We were hoping that we will stay together that will come the day when all the time we will be together, we were speaking about our future...  Then we were back again with the everyday video calls but it became more special. We sometimes cry coz were missing each other so bad but couldn’t even hug but we both know that soon, we will be together and will never be apart from each other anymore…We still together happy and if I lose him I don’t know how I will live… I'll always be waiting till eternity with open arms. He’s the love of my life. I love him very much no one could ever replace him in my heart. I am so thankful, lucky and blessed that God gave me such an amazing person to love ♥

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