My Favorite Car

Topics: Automobile, Brake, Vehicle Pages: 3 (965 words) Published: June 5, 2013
Eng 111 – 4201S
2 June 2013
What You Ride is Who You Are
On March 20th 2013, I woke up and directly drove to the Leith Honda dealership to fix my car. While it was being fixed, I noticed an Infiniti dealership. I walked there to browse some cars, just to kill time. As soon as set foot onto the dealership I found the most breath – taking and luxurious sports car. I took a peek inside the window and was astounded. Sometimes they say you can fall in love at first sight, here I found my first love the Infiniti G37 IPL. According to Twitchell objects that you own forms your identity. Meanwhile, Rosenbaum denies objects identifying who you really are. What do you think; do objects really have that kind of power to reflect people’s images? For me, the Infiniti G37 IPL is the perfect fit for my identity. The Infiniti Performance Line represents the pinnacle of the Infiniti innovation and craftsmanship. Luxury and performance are amplified the IPL G Coupe: the exclusive IPL – tuned engine and suspension augment the driving experience while aggressive styling and aerodynamics visually express the elemental strength contained within. The Infiniti G37 IPL defines my character based on its luxurious style, performance, strength, technology, safety and rejuvenating features. First, I would like to begin with the styling of The Infiniti IPL G Coupe’s style defines me in many different aspects. The Car is uniquely sculpted from and rear fascias, side sills, and rear spoiler enhance the aerodynamics of the IPL G Coupe and visually express inspired performance. Zero – lift front and rear dynamics allow the tires to grip the pavement, providing you with more confidence at higher speeds. I am type of person who really cares about style. I tend to be athletic and picky when it comes to cars. The most important detail in a car is the style because it shows other people what type of person I might be. The seating of the IPL G Coupe is sculpted, deep – bolstered seats with unique...
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