Topics: Self-esteem, Choice, Bullying Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: June 18, 2013
Lynn Bruno
Prof. Siracusa
February 28, 2013
“Your personal choice and your identity”
Many people think that the identity there born with is the identity they die with and although that, in most cases is true, their identity will change by their personal choices they make throughout their lifetime. We make choices everyday. For instance, there are positive choices like buying new shoes, or getting a job, and then there are negatives choices like not studying for a test or robbing a bank. Positive and negatives choices affect identity. Here I will discuss some examples of those choices people make that will affect there identity Positive choices people make don’t just affect them. It could be inspiring to people that they do not even know. Queen Latifah for instance in her biography Ladies first Revelations of a Strong Woman, chose to make her music positive and to help and empower women by letting them know that whatever they have been through or where they came from, that they are “Queens” (p. 35) Women who have that positive outlook make positive choices, and it makes them feel good and confident. Some people have to change their identity to feel better about themselves. For instance, taking hormonal drugs to change their sex, and other people temporarily change their identity to get that self esteem they never had. Like Lucy Grealy in book Masks, she unfortunately lost half her jaw due to Ewing Sarcoma. (p 69-70) One Halloween when Lucy was in sixth grade, she decided she was well enough to go trick or treating and her mother thought on an Eskimo costume so Lucy put a scarf around her face and starting going throughout the neighborhood and she realized she felt so good because no one could see her face, she felt such freedom. But at the end of the day Lucy felt relieved being herself without the scarf because she felt no connection with that kind of happiness after living so many years sad and depressed....
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