My Faith, My Journey

Topics: Mother, Family, Parent Pages: 2 (847 words) Published: August 7, 2013
My Faith, My Journey

Let me begin with Bible passage, Psalms 146: 9, “God has promised over the fatherless and the widows. But the way of the wicked He turns upside down.” No matter what circumstances are that made you as a single mom, you can rejoice in the blessings of being a mom, the joy and excitement of loving and being loved by children. I always hear that the family is the basic foundation of a society. And the nation’s strength lies in having a strong, lifelong union between marriage partners, including a harmonious parent- child relationship and close family ties. The family plays a very significant vital role in our society because in their hands lies the success and failure of a certain sector of society. Having a family life is not easy and happy as it looks like, especially when the pillar of your house was not around. My life is not smooth as I want and dreamed it to be. A huge wave of problems came to our life that led the man of our home where he is right now. My children knew where their father is and maybe all of you here. Before, maybe until now I cannot figure out how I can survive our life. I was annoyed and tortured of the word “SINGLE- MOTHER.” I often ask my self, am I a woman with much strength and love, or pain or fear? Maybe a devil in disguise or perhaps angel beneath the pain. One thing is for certain, no one can understand what a single mother is, unless they experience the feeling themselves. I went through life trying so hard to do my best for my children. I’m not a strong woman as I thought. The bills and debts are piled up, having troubled how to deal with teen age blues, one problem goes up, and one comes down. I barely loose faith in God, when I struggle everyday to put food on our table. The only thing that keeps my family alive and well is our love to each other, and a belief that this came to our life as a trial how long I can hold on to my faith. A friend once told me, “God...
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