My Elder Sister Who Is My Personal Leader

Topics: Family, Leadership, Decision making Pages: 3 (980 words) Published: January 23, 2013
23 January 2013

Assignment of Leadership, Power and Influence
Assignment No : 01 (One)
Topic : A personal leader

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Ms. Fahmida Chowdhury
Associate Professor, BIBM
Mirpur, Dhaka
Course Instructor : Leadership, Power and Influence
Department of Business Administration

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Mahfuza Akter Mili [+8801556341735]
ID : 10206038 ( Student of MBA )


My Elder Sister who is My Personal Leader

When I started this class on Leadership I used my own Elder Sister as an example of a leader because when I think of some of the positive characteristics of organizational leaders my elder sister keeps coming to my mind. She is brave and courageous facing challenges most would have given up on. She is giving and caring, encouraging and supportive. She wants only the best for our family, helping us face life by teaching us skills and lessons. My Elder sister listened deeply to our joys, struggles, and achievements- never judging, simply being there. We could count on my elder sister to pull our family together, to connect us. She planned and organized incredible events and let us all shine in the process. My Elder sister was my tutor and the first leader in my life. The space she carved out for us in the world is what gave us room to grow. the reason of that in our family we are five sisters and one brother and our grandparents were staying with us that’s why some of our relatives always present in our house. So it’s very difficult for my mother to maintain that entire situation without a strong helping hand and that hand name is my elder sister. She always plays a supportive role for my mother. My father was a businessman and also a too busy person who had no specific time for his family and children. Since my mother worked hard all the time and never really had time for us, she used to leave us with my elder sister and she looked after us like her child.  Basically when my sister was 15, my mother trusted...
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