My Brother Sam Is Dead Analysis

Topics: My Brother Sam Is Dead, American Revolutionary War, James Lincoln Collier Pages: 4 (758 words) Published: September 21, 2015

The American Revolutionary War is Brutal
“Principle, Sam? You may know principle, Sam, but I know war.” (Collier and Collier 21). In the book My Brother Sam is Dead Mr. Meeker is Sam Meeker's father. They disagree on whether war is beneficial or just simply awful. The authors have Sam join the war and his father against the war. Mr. Meeker knows about the terrible things war does to people. First, war turns families against each other. If one is stuck in the middle of sides, like Tim, it can become a nasty place to be. Secondly, families from generations to generations fight and argue against each other. Also, when people get killed for no reason, it becomes shameful for people, and is gruesome. In My Brother Sam Is Dead, although both sides of war are shown, authors James Lincoln Collier and Christopher Collier ultimately argue that war is futile.
Families are torn apart because of war. Sam and Mr. Meeker, come to a huge disagreement whether Sam should join the war or not. This makes Mr. Meeker so frustrated that he kicks out Sam. ‘Go, Sam. Go. Get out...

War turns men and soldiers into animals. Animals that hurt people and are out to kill the innocent. “They put him on a prison ship and he got sick and died in three weeks.” (Collier and Collier 166). The British put Tim’s friend, Jeremiah Sanford, on a prison ship after capturing him. Jerry was only ten years old and could not cause any harm to the British. The war made the men take an innocent young boy’s life and that is gruesome. Sam’s death, Mr. Meeker’s death, and Ned’s death were all unnecessary to the war. “Ned’s head jumped off his body and popped into the air.” (Collier and Collier 145). This text shows that this death was unnecessary since Ned did not harm or bother the British. The British did not need to decapitate Ned, they did this for no reason. The war was so gruesome and disgusted so many...
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