My Brother Sam Is Dead

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My Brother Sam Is Dead

My Brother Sam Is Dead by Coller and Coller is a story about a boy named Tim Meeker and how his family falls apart during the Revolutionary War. Throughout the story, Tim is confronted with a life changing dilemma. His father is a Loyalist and his elder brother Sam is a Patriot. He knows that no matter what side he chooses in this war, he will end up fighting his flesh and blood. As the story progresses, Coller and Coller paints a vivid picture of how Tim changes from a boy to a man .

In the beginning of the book, Tim is dependent and has yet to grow up. At first, Tim wants to be exactly like Sam and do everything that he does. In the book Tim tell us, “I just wanted him (father) to shut up until dinner was over and we could go up to the loft where we slept, and I could lie in the dark snuggled up next to him to keep warm and let him tell me stories about Yale and the pretty girls he knew in New Haven…” Page nine. This shows that Tim still idolizes his brother. This is shows that Tim uses the stories that he hears as a way to avoid growing up.

In the middle of the book, Tim is still influenced by others but is slowly developing his own point of view. While Tim is on his way home from his cousin’s house, his father thinks that there are cowboys (bandits) up ahead and goes to investigate. Later, Tim realizes that his father hasn’t come back yet. Tim states , “I was feeling scared and lonely without him. I wanted to find him. So I pulled up the oxen as far off to the side of the road as I could, kicked away some snow so they could find some weeds to graze on, and started plowing on up the road as quickly as I could.” This shows that Tim is starting to grow up. Tim is also learning how to be more independent.

Towards the end of the book, Tim becomes the man of the family while Sam comes back with his troops. One night while Sam is visiting Tim, a few cattle thieves come in to steal the cattle. Sam...
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