My Best Self Exercise

Topics: Friendship, 2008 albums, Quality of life Pages: 2 (653 words) Published: March 19, 2011
My best self
After the awkward feeling of asking friends and colleagues about my strengths and doing this analysis, I believe I became more aware of how I can leverage them both personally and professionally. My strengths

Friendly Cooperative Positive attitude“Always with a friendly attitude, he is very supportive of his team giving them confidence and motivation and helping to create a strong group feeling”I’m a sympathetic person that tries to build cohesive teams motivating them and creating a sense of mission Dedicated

Drive to over-deliver“With an impressive drive for perfection and will to go the extra mile Miguel was able to cope with matters of high responsibility, long hours and deliver a top quality work.”I always try to over-deliver despite of the additional workload it implies Determined

Proactive“in a context of huge organizational change his friendly approach allowed him to establish confidence with the Financial Director, who was hostile in the beginning and work together with him for the overall project success”I’m cooperative and able to manage conflicts, even in unfavourable contexts Faithfull

“a good friend to have that can listen to you in the hours of need and is not afraid to give you an honest advice”I’m a true friend not afraid of giving my honest opinion even if at the beginning I risk being misinterpreted. Through communication and understanding the relation becomes stronger in the long run

Self - Portrait
I’m able to get excellent results from my team when I keep a friendly attitude, even in the stressful hours, focusing on their strengths and importance of their work, inspiring them and motivating them to contribute to building a “dream team”. When I commit to delivering a work I always try to over-deliver, being able to create a positive impression and be recognized for my result and effort. Under unfavourable contexts, where managing conflicts is sometimes required, I’m...
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